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Reccommended Sites:
CDNow:find any CD you want
The techno search engine
Raveworld: net broadcasts of big parties
Techno Online: info from Germany, including party dates
Subway--underground breakbeats
113 Audio resources: archive of DJ sets, loops and beats
Hyperreal: find parties and list servs
Allmusic: all comprehensive guide to music
Ecstasy FAQ

Promoters, Clubs, et alim:
Baktun: club in NY. Lineup etc.
Tsunami: goa parties and the like
Twilo: not very raver-friendly anymore
Triple X Productions: Ithaca
The Bubble Crew: Binghamton
PhatO: Rochester bigwig
Local 13: Philly
Sympty: NJ
NJ Underground
Las Vegas dance scene
Rochester Groove Network
Washington Baltimore rave info
Ultraworld: Ultraworld's site
Caffeine: all about caffeine
the Cooler: the Cooler on W.14, with jungle nights
Central Park Summerstage: acts in the summer
Tonic: Tonic and Subtonic, with acts and DJs

Music sites, record stores, et alim:
Click HERE for a full list of record labels.
Sonic Groove: Frankie Bones' record store
Planet X: the best record store in the tri-state area
Breakbeat Science
The X-ecutioners: fabu turntablists
Rocksteady Crew: connected to turntablist competitions & al.
Bad Boy Bill
X-Dream: X-Dream's new website
the Warehouse: where house music started
Speed Garage
UK Underground Dance & Speed Garage
Garage House Music: click on Bomis icon
SF Jungle
Jungle NYC
MP3 search: mp3s of any DJ you want, but unreliable. You might have more luck than me.
House Nation mp3s and loops et alim
Drum and Bass resource page
Drum and Bass Arena
Dance Grooves
MediaFind: .mov, .avi, .wav, .mp3
Dance Tracks

URLs containing the word RAVE:
Rave Data
Pure Rave haven't checked this one out yet
Rave Culture: raves
Raver Addict