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History thereof........ so far, only keeping tabs on Triple X parties

I have lost track of the parties that have occurred in Ithaca.

(4.6.01): Aviate 7!!! The last Aviate party ever. Do come support!
(3.2.01): Aviate 6!!!! With Anna fomr Rochester spinning house and 2step
(2.2.01): Aviate 5!!!!
(11.14.00): Zipper. Chose not to go.
(9.22.00): Maintain, two year anniversary at Odyssey, the new behemoth club
(9.14.00): Dragonfly, hosted by Drew, at Republica. With Curly!!!
(5.12.00): Aviate 4!! The last Aviate of 2000
????: Robotix. I think I missed this one
(3.31.00): Aviate 2!!!!! So packed, thanx for all coming!
(3.3.00): Aviate!!! The first aviate party, very nervous!!
????: Too Naughty, at Kelly's Dockside
(10.22.99): Naughty............
(10.2.99): GOLD, held at the very strange VFW outside Ithaca. Interesting. Vixen spun with Sweet Melissa....
(7.10.99): Acetate at Hunter Mountain. Awesome! Read some random reviews!
(5.1.99) The fourth in the periodic series SILICON at the mall. Nigel Richards, Odi, Angel Alanis. Josh and Pete let us film there.
(3.6.99) Shroeder, DJ from Syracuse and with Triple X, died in a car accident Saturday night. Made everyone think about death. Fun. (RIP)
(2.20.99) This is the flyer for Nitrogen. Rick West. Happy hardcore. Lots of shirtless jocks on E.

(11.3.98) Mercury at Calypso Bay, fun. We met and got Jo S's contact #.
(9.19.98) Helium, the first by Triple X.
(1997-1998) Soma: parties thrown by Bryan before Josh and Pete decided to do the same.