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artist name
Alexa Kokinos photography
Anne Pizer video + photography on cakes
Barry Stone video
Bernie Yenelouis video + photography
Bryan Miller ceiling light fixture
Bryan Wizemann floor standing sculpture with toy cars
Caroline Byrne small sculpture
Casey Cadwallader sculpture
Claudia Sorens video
Curly slides of windows
Dave X paintings
Dave Kupferstein phtography
David Perkowski alphabet art
David Teague super 8 film
Dave Trilling video about a home
Descha Daemgen X
Dustin Rubin video on multiple TVs
Eban X X
Elizabeth Lyman recipe cards/photography
Emmanuel Pratt video renderings
Ericka Martins photography
Ethan Palmer photography
Jana Wilson super 8 film
Jen Sawyer photography
Jessica Femiani cake/sculpture installation
John Campanelli paintings on hair and mother earth
Julie Perini video
Keliy Anderson-Staley photos on rusty baking pans
Lainie Dalby moveable sculpture clothing
Lester Suarez photography
Lisa Shenouda video
Liz Kang installation of dollhouse
Lonna Stauffer collage of 50's hosuewife magazines
Loren Hammonds video
Matt Burchett video
Meryl O'Connor paintings
Mike Dawson video
Nere Pagola video on Tokyo fish market
Nicky Leifer paintings (man in tub)
Park Doing video + super 8 film
Paul Munkholm live laminating/fake ID installation
Sam Ramsey Baharvar painting
San Tong video installation of home interior
Sarah Carolan kiddie art on refridgerator door
Sarra Brill video + super 8 film
Suzy Cho furniture catalog video
Tiila Abbitt video
Tim Lehmacher photography of tree houses
Trish Dalton documentary of a sailor